Travel Diary, Singapore

February 15, 2013

Today I'm Singapore, after a TWELVE hour flight! I am travelling to Australia, but we had to stop off in Singapore to refuel, Changi airport is one of the best airports I have ever been to. Spending nine hours in transit isn't really my type of ideal, however, the best thing about this airport is that there is so much to do... it even offers a free tour around the city for long stop overs like ours.
The reason there are so many high rise buildings in Singapore is because of how populated the area is, with 90% of residential accommodation is high rise. 

Not only is the tour amazing, but so everything else the airport offers! From three different themed gardens, endless amounts of shops, a rooftop swimming pool and food to die for transit seems more like a luxury than a necessity. Another great thing about the airport is that it's not too busy and there is a lot of space to be able to walk around.. unlike other airports like Dubai, which although is a wonderful airport can sometimes feel like you're trapped in a shopping centre similar to Westfield.

The gardens in the airport are so cute and serene, such a great idea as they are both environmentally friendly as well as visually appealing.

I definitely think Singapore is worth checking out from what I've seen today... unfortunately I didn't get to see an awful lot as with under 10 hours and no visa it does complicate things. Nevertheless the areas I visited have without a doubt made me think twice about coming back again and staying for longer, hopefully a holiday next time! 

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