The London Rendezvous Explained

What is The London Rendezvous?
TLR is a collective kingdom combined of thoughts, observations and happenings brought to you through the eyes of a twenty two year old, recent Philosophy graduate. A lifestyle orientated blog covering a broad spectrum of themes; from travel posts showing adventures abroad, the places visited and how important philosophical questions end up becoming an integral part of my being and everyday life, and hopefully, through reading, a part of yours too.

Forming The London Rendezvous
Founded in 2013 when my travelling reached an ultimate peak, TLR originally began as a travel blog under the name 'br3akfastattiffanys'. After much thought, I began branching out and writing about other aspects of life with interests in fashion, food, social media and philosophy being brought to the forefront. During the university years, when travelling was put on hold by new responsibilities, a struggle most can relate to, I became determined not to limit my adventurous streak, but to find new experiences within London. Whether near or far, there is always something new to discover and so The London Rendezvous was born.

How is The London Rendezvous different from other lifestyle blogs?
The strong focus on Philosophy is what distinguishes TLR from the rest of the lifestyle blogosphere. Whilst most lifestyle blogs seek to inform TLR strives to also teach philosophical theory and how it correlates to everyday life events. 

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