Fifteen 2015 Life Moments

December 16, 2015

As December comes to an end and January is on the horizon, reflection and nostalgia begin to beckon. I've learnt a lot from this year, so I thought I'd share fifteen of my favourite moments, the free-spirited awakenings and every little imperfect part of my life which has formed my two thousand and fifteen.

1) My twenty first birthday. It was everything I could have asked for, because truthfully food and friends are all I really ever need to keep me happy.

2) Sticking to a new job. Part of a fabulous company, working with a beautiful brand. The extra hours and responsibility are both a blessing and a curse, but I've proved to myself I can work and still focus on my degree.

3) Finding my own style. Sometimes it takes getting everything you've ever wanted and losing it all to understand what true freedom is. When you've got nothing to lose, you learn it's easier to be yourself.

4) Not sticking to a new job (whilst still sticking to a new job). Working in a hot dog restaurant.... let's be real, everyone knew this wouldn't last long. Especially when I was still working my other job. Filing this one under 'learning curve'.

5) Trying an espresso. Game changer. Never looked back.

6) Italy with Monica. A thousands memories are always made when we are together, but they are even better when they're based in a country where we don't know any of the language, or any of the laws.

7) Winning Louis Vuitton exhibition tickets. Best, evening, ever.

8) First class marks. Very little beats working hard and seeing the results, nothing feels as good as your work being appreciated, especially when you've tried.

9) Staying in contact. I'm happy despite our degrees, our part time jobs, we all still balance and make time for seeing each other, allowing ourselves to take time out to be as childish and carefree as we would have been five years ago.

10) Glamour Editor Jo Elvin, Topshop and Liberty London finding The London Rendezvous on Instagram. Comments, likes, regrams and uploads on websites. It's probably not a great deal to many people, but my interest in social media marketing makes this one a real accomplishment to me.

11) Interning. I learnt so much, I worked nine to five, seven days a week. It was tough, it was exhausting, but it made me push myself to my limits. It taught me how to manage my time effectively and I learnt a great deal about managing social platforms. In hindsight, it was worth every second.

12) Saying how I feel. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is risky business and talking emotions is chancy, but if you never speak up how else will anyone know of your silent soliloquies? Sentimentality is brave, but I'll never regret speaking from the heart.

13) Mealtimes. Going out for dinner, going out for lunch, going out for breakfast... then regretting it when I check my bank balance.

14) Expanding my book collection. Reading more. Philosophy, obviously.

15) The beautiful realisation that everyone is fallible. Once you take time out to remember everyone is a little bit confused, foolish and unbalanced, life becomes a lot more enjoyable.

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