An Appeal For Passion

November 11, 2014

Passion is a word thrown around a lot. Turn on prime time television, The Apprentice is on, listen to the lyrics on a commercial radio station. From entrepreneurial businessmen, to Macklemore, even the person you served at work this afternoon, everyone has used the phrase in conversation. 

 As someone who admittedly finds it altogether a bit distressing starting conversation, or even continuing conversation, I question, how different it would be to greet people with what we felt most passionate about? Instead of the ‘networking’ yuppies of Wimbledon are familiar with... "Good evening, I am Colin, marketing exceutive for XYZ”. What if Colin introduced himself by telling you less about the company he works for, but about why he finds his favourite song so relatable and the nostalgia he attaches to it? What about if the lecturer teaching, who reads from his powerpoint, described the joy he felt when he first met his wife? How about the girl in your weekly seminar, who dresses differently explained why she finds the fashion industry, the use of textiles and patterns so liberating? Introduction by passion seems human, defining someone and ourselves by our salaries, our education and our appearance does not.

I’ve watched friends start sixth form groups, then go on to be leaders of their thousand strong university societies. I’ve seen family members arrive in countries with no more than a few pounds build homes for their families. I’ve known people speak up and step out of their comfort zones in order to address what they believe morally wrong. None of which I would have acknowledged if it weren’t for understanding the passion these people felt whilst striving for their end goals. I’ve realised, recently, I am passionate about other peoples passion. There is a warmth and intensity I am intrigued by when someone talks about a subject they love. The eagerness and enthusiasm emitted is a sign of trust and kindness. When people are willing to identify to you what makes them passionate, they want you to feel the same happiness they felt, they want you to experience all they’re experiencing, share the sentiment they speak of.

So, tell me now when was the last time you asked someone what they were passionate about?

A tribute to my family who have seen my grow, my teachers who recognised my potential, my friends who have coped with my sensibility & anyone who still has to endure my initial silence and sudden warming to them over time. 

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