Wednesdays, Hudsons Putney

July 08, 2015

Wanting somewhere independent to eat these days can sometimes feel like more hassle than it's worth. With so many chain restaurants, coffee shops and even supermarkets offering a quick 'grab-and-go' bite it's easy to know your favourites and arrive at a never-ending-cycle of repetitive and ever increasingly bland meals. That's when you firmly say "no more" to such a trend and opt for places you've never been before.

Luckily, Hudson's is close to home, which on closer inspection, could become rather dangerous. The fascinating thing about Hudson's is that the menu covers a diverse range of culinary styles. From moussaka to carbonara, to my personal favourite Dublin chicken, you are spoilt for choice. It's perfect if your friends, like mine, can never agree on a specific type of food classification.

At Hudson's you're greeted with multitudes of options without having to sacrifice quality. This is the third time since moving to Putney I've been & I cannot say a bad thing about this place! In fact, they are the only restaurant that has proven to me, salad is capable of tasting delicious and remaining healthy!

Pictured from top left, clockwise: Deep fried camembert bites with cranberry sauce, potato skins, calamari with lemon mayonnaise, balsamic chicken salad with bacon, potato and asparagus, warm pitta bread and houmous.

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